Funding Addiction Recovery: Novō’s work and how you can help

27 Apr 2023

A Global Problem

Addiction is an epidemic that plagues the entire globe. All around the world we see the ramifications of the abuse of drugs, gambling, internet pornography, and other vices displayed in broken homes and hurting people.

Bolivia, considered to be a developing economy, is no exception. As stated by the UN, “Drug use increased far more rapidly among developing countries over the 2000-2018 period than in developed countries.” Socio-economic factors are a driving force behind the increase in drug use and abuse in the developing world, as well as “…being torn from the close ties to family, culture, and traditional spirituality that constituted the normal fabric of life in pre-modern times.” (Alexander, Bruce K.


The Work of Novō Communities

Recognising the need for on-the-ground treatment in Bolivia, a multinational team, headed up by Andy Partington, started a residential rehabilitation centre in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. This new centre was the beginning of the work of Novō Communities, a charitable organisation created to combat the rising tide of addiction in the developing world by equipping and aiding the creation of rehabilitation centres where the need arises.

Novō Communities at a glance…

  • Established in 2015
  • Based off of established addiction rehabilitation methods, adjusted to work in the local culture and context
  • Designed to be replicable across the developing world
  • Includes 3 programmes: an initial 3-week probationary period, a 24-week therapeutic program, and a 12-week transition period
  • Based around work therapy, 1-on-1 counselling, group sessions, and volunteer work
  • Established in Bolivia, and beginning to expand further abroad


Introducing Novō Adventures

After the establishment of the rehabilitation centre, the question of how to fund a long-term residential rehabilitation programme for people primarily without the means of funding it for themselves arose. In 2018, the Novō team purchased a motorcycle touring company and rebranded as Novō Adventures, with the goal of establishing it as a social enterprise to help fund the work of Novō Communities.


How you can help

By choosing your adventure holiday with Novō Adventures, you help contribute to the recovery of men on the Novō Communities program in Bolivia. All our profits are donated to the rehabilitation centre, and the majority of our staff work as volunteers, dedicating their time and efforts to seeing people recover from addiction. 

We offer guided tours across Bolivia, so you can experience the culture and remarkable landscapes of this incredible country, all while knowing your money is going to help those in need. We have a selection of pre-arranged tours, or if you have a different time frame or vision in mind, we’re happy to offer tours customised to your needs. Send an email today to get started on your next adventure.


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